Corporate clients

Company Data

Names of shareholders whose contribution exceeds (5%) in the Company

Authorized signatories of the legal person

Income statements of the client

Investment data and indicators for the client

Statement of the real beneficiary of the account

Authorized to manage the trading account

I hereby confirm that the Company's account has not been and will not be used in any transactions related to money laundering and terrorist financing. If the company is proved to be contrary to this, it has the right to take the necessary and necessary measures stipulated in Law 106 of 2013 and the provisions of the sixteenth book of the Executive Regulations Money laundering and terrorist financing.
I confirm that the above mentioned data and documents are true and complete and that I have read and understood the terms, conditions and laws. I undertake to update the data on an annual basis and inform Orient Financial Brokerage Company in writing immediately after any change occurs without any liability on Al-Sharq Brokerage Company. Preserved and recoverable at the request of the Commission or in cases determined by law.